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About Immigration Attorney Gerald Goulder

I have been a licensed attorney and counselor at law for over 30 years. I am an attorney who is also a businessman. I have experience practicing law and owning and managing a medium size corporation. I have experience on public non-profit (community-based) and private corporation Boards of Directors, community organizations and political organizations. My "hands-on" legal and business background provides me with keen insight to immigration matters.

As a North Carolina immigration lawyer I practice immigration law for North Carolina immigration law clients and for immigration clients throughout the United States, and the world. Immigration law is a federal law practice and though I am located in North Carolina I accept immigration and visa law clients from throughout the U.S., and the world. 

I honestly enjoy working with immigration clients. Each client has a unique and fascinating story to share. My practice is not only about porviding my clients superior professional immingration counsel, but also about learning about my clients, to the extent they will share. If you would like to discuss your immigration status or an immigration or visa strategy with an experienced immigration lawyer, whether you are in North Carolina or not, please contact me at my North Carolina immigration law office.

I have extensive legal experience in business and commercial law, including 13 years experience as founder and CEO of a $21 million, 180-employee closely held corporation. As an attorney and a businessman I have key insight to aspects of business not available to many attorneys. This experience enables me to improve my legal skills and provide effective personal service to my clients.

My practice is exclusively immigration and naturalization law and U.S. visas. Because of my management experience I am involved in and stay current with business immigration matters.

Gerald P. Goulder has served as an Assistant Attorney General of the State of Ohio, a Special Prosecutor of the Ohio Attorney General and Special Counsel to the Ohio Attorney General. He was in private law practice specializing in real estate and business law and litigation, in Columbus, Ohio for 3 years before moving to Greensboro, North Carolina in 1984 to open a retail business. He owned and operated the business for 13 years until it was sold in 1996.

He graduated "With Honors" from The Ohio State University with a B. A. in economics and history. He attended Washington University School of Law, where he was an Associate Editor of the Urban Law Review, and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. He is a certified District Court Arbitrator in N.C. and a Superior Court Certified Mediator. He was an organizer of the Equine Dispute Resolution Service which innovated a mediation course for the horse industry sponsored by The University of North Carolina at Greensboro Bryan Business School and The North Carolina Business Court. He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

As CEO of his start up retail business he guided into a 180 employee, over $21 million in sales firm he gained extensive experience in business and corporate management, including: retail management, advertising marketing, inventory management, purchasing, import-export and foreign sourcing. He also has extensive legal experience with advertising, antitrust and trade regulation, close corporation law, corporate governance, boards of directors, election law, workman’s compensation, employment law, commercial leases, family business law, franchise matters, litigation, and mediation.

His community activities include: serving on the board the internationally recognized Eastern Music Festival music festival, serving on the athletic development board of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro; coaching youth lacrosse and officiating high school lacrosse; serving as an officer of the NC Chapter of U.S. Lacrosse; publishing the Triad Lacrosse Magazine; serving on the North Carolina Republican Party State Executive Committee (2002-2005) and the North Carolina 6th Congressional District Organization Executive Committee (2002-2005); and experience in a variety of local, state and federal political campaigns. Mr. Goulder is a Fellow of the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership and a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.


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